We offer these metta blessings to all beings sharing our precious world:


May we be at peace, with our hearts remaining open.

May we be a source of compassion and healing for ourselves and for others.

May we awaken to the light and wisdom of our own true nature.


The Westcoast Dharma Society invites you to join us in Vancouver in a journey of discovery, of developing liberating insight and loving kindness in silent Vipassana and Metta meditation practice. The Buddha's great message to people was "Ehipassiko" which means "Come and see". We invite you to learn the forms and techniques of meditation to sharpen the observing power of mind, so we can look more deeply, and trust our own experiencing... our own discoveries.

WDS welcomes all people as participants regardless of cultural and religious background, race, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, education, physical ability, or ability to pay.  We are dedicated to making Dharma teachings and practice opportunities accessible to all.

About WDS

The Westcoast Dharma Society (WDS) was formed in Vancouver, BC, Canada in June, 1995 as a non-profit society 'to promote Buddhist meditation practices for the benefit of all beings.' In the fall of 1995, WDS was granted 'registered charity' status by Revenue Canada.



WDS focuses on retreat management with the specific mandate of inviting Western Dharma teachers to lead meditation retreats in Vancouver.  WDS' vision includes a primary focus on the Theravadan practices of Vipassana and Metta but is not limited to them.

WDS' structure reflects its vision. There is a small volunteer Board of long-term meditation practitioners and one paid staff member who runs the office and coordinates the retreat volunteers.



There is no official membership in the Westcoast Dharma Society other than the legally required applicants for incorporation and current Board members. All are welcome to attend WDS retreats. Instead of a lasting membership, volunteers offer their service to form an organic, impermanent community cooperating for each particular retreat. Community is experienced in relation to accomplishing the mandate of putting on great retreats and enjoying doing the Dharma work together.


Events sponsored by Westcoast Dharma Society

Please visit our events schedule page for a schedule of weekend retreats at the UBC Asian Centre and residential retreats at the Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler, BC.

Please visit our residential retreats page for the schedule and contact information for Westcoast Dharma Society sponsored residential retreats and additional residential retreats in the Vancouver geographical area, taught by visiting WDS teachers and local teachers.

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